Losing Your Train of Thought…

Sharing coffee, talking about nothing and everything, silent for moments and then, bam! you lose your train of thought. It rattles and roars down the tracks, tugging a line of freight behind it. That freight of substance that was your conversation, but then the unexpected happens and you don’t mind losing track of what you were talking about in the first place.
Graffiti decorates the place where you are, but it’s overlaid with gaudy commercial work. The few original pieces that interest you are here and there. The tables, the benches, the walls, the stairs. Everything has been touched by starving artists with original minds and a mission to share their art with the world, however big or small that world may be.
Then there’s the night sounds. Birds roosting for the night, the quiet of business that occurs after everyone with a sensible self-timer goes to bed, even if one is sleeping on the train station bench, oblivious to the world. I wish I could sleep like that, but I cannot. I sleep in fits and starts. I envy him, though he has apparently nothing to speak of property-wise. Another reason why I want to reach out to those that have nothing.
Jumbled thoughts, silent stares, smiles wider than the Mississippi, and laughter that sounds like a symphony. Talking so long that your belly grumbles like it hasn’t been fed in a month, when you just had pasta for dinner three hours prior. A convenience store sandwich, a sports drink (gotta replace those electrolytes!), a stroll down the block to look at the city. There are few people out; odd, since it’s Friday night and there’s no curfew for the college students. I guess they must be hanging out at local clubs and taverns. Taking advantage of that unexpected stillness, a short walk in public seems like it’s happening on private property.
Then it’s time to turn in for the night. Quick smiles and long goodbyes, for an old friend and new friend occupying the same space, are too quick and not long enough. A song comes on the radio, bringing a huge smile and some singing along. It’s been a wonderful evening…

~ by kyodan75 on September 29, 2012.

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