The Story begins…

This we have now
is not imagination.
This is not
grief or joy.
Not a judging state,
or an elation,
or sadness.
Those come and go.
This is the presence that doesn’t.

An indescribable dynamic that begs to be put into words. An undefined occurrence that defies all odds; logic is not applicable here. The house is there, and a storm sits on the horizon. We watch the clouds roll in and the rain start falling. This Awakening is a bright light, and the rain washes the air clean. I wonder if everyone else in the world has already experienced this. This complete giving in, finding yourself in a strangely wonderful place.

There are no words, just happiness and pure contentment. The first time I’ve ever felt like this. The first of many firsts; many firsts together. It’s going to be an intricate and wonderful story. And I’m glad that it has begun…

~ by kyodan75 on September 23, 2012.

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