Carried away…

It’s amazing how life can do all of these little things, take this little twists and turns, and they seem kind of meaningless, irritating perhaps. Then those big things that you know have significance and you perhaps learn immediately from them or see the impact they make on your life. Well, I have come to realize that all of those things that I learned previously or am learning now, all have led to one incredible, life-altering event. And I could sit here and rack my brain trying to figure out the Hows and Whys of the matter. Or, I could just let it carry me. Give in to it. Stop what-iffing and start right-nowing. And so, I am. I am in the middle of Right Now, living Today. Awake. Alive. Aware. This is one of those times where I’m helpless to stop it and careless to do so. So I let go…and I couldn’t be happier. Namaste, Love. Wow.

~ by kyodan75 on September 18, 2012.

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