My Salvation

The world, forever at war. Combatants facing off on battlefields disguised as religion, politics, race, creed, gender identity, gender equality. The stakes are high, the cost has been far too great. We hear from one side that God is Love and from another that God is dead. Another side proclaims that science is the answer, there is no God; that hard, empirical data is the only way to understanding ourselves and the world we inhabit. The cosmos serves a dual role. It is a place of more scientific mystery waiting to be revealed and understood, while also being the genetic origin of life, indeed mankind. Spiritualists search inward for the path to peace and enlightenment. Through it all, the hope that there is something better than what is now drives almost every soul, no matter how twisted and corrupt the logic behind the eyes.
Racists hope for a world where theirs is the reigning majority. Spiritualists and monastics proclaim theirs is the kingdom of their respective gods. Scientists hope for that one missing piece of data that has eluded them that answers how we got here and how the Universe began. Man hopes for dominance, woman for equality. And still, I ask who is to know for sure? You tell me that Yahweh of the Bible is the true God. Mohammed proclaimed Allah to be the One True God. The Daoist centers in the simplistic neutrality of being a good human being, seeking not excess, but moderation in indulgences and leaning to minimalism of self. Science screams, No! Empirical data and patient persistence will yield that which mankind seeks answers to. Everyone is in an uproar to have the upper hand in order to be right.
I can only conclude one thing with any certainty. What is right for me? What is it that this life has to teach me about myself? I can learn about my fellow man to the depths of every detail and never know myself. I can listen to the knowledge of respective teachers of science, religion, spirituality, and atheists and still look for my salvation for the entirety of my human existence. Faith, you say. Hope, you promise. Truth, you offer. Well, faith in what? Hope for whom? Truth, based on what standard?
I don’t know everything, but I know the one thing that saves me. Love. Love saves me. I can throw all my material wealth away, and if I hold on to Love, I have everything. Love is my faith, my hope, and my truth. Love is my salvation. Love for my fellow man. Love for doing what is good, because good is love. And whatever you believe, my friend, believe it. Let it be your salvation. But for me, you cannot change my mind. I can waste this lifetime planning for something that I know nothing about in this present form. I don’t know what happens to my Energy after my flesh and blood fail. Nobody does. The truth about Energy is that it cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed. So my Energy will be back in some form or another. It’s not going to go away. And my Energy is Love.

~ by kyodan75 on September 14, 2012.

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