Oh, this fickle relationship I have here…

Okay, I’m back. Again. Let’s see how well I do in getting back to this. I love to blog, but I think I might have to work to stay focused on this one. I’ve not had any others, my snowflakes. I haven’t been cheating. Well, damn Facebook keeps sucking me in. I’ve made many good friends, met some acquaintances, and sparred with opposition. It reminded me to come back here where I can put my thoughts on e-paper and not feel like I’m just verbally puking, which I’m sure I have done on FB. Mea culpa. So, in the effort to return to relevant  thoughts and not updates to my hourly (okay, every few minutes. Nyah!) status changes, here I am. I’m not leaving FB, just filtering what I post. If it’s important to me, truly important, it’s coming here. Like it or not. It’s me.

~ by kyodan75 on August 29, 2012.

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