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So, I said that I want this place to be my therapy and a place to put things that I’m seriously mulling over. Things that I believe in with the occasional rant (I promise to try to limit those here) and the whimsies of a hopeless romantic wandering around alone. That sounds dismal, but it’s not meant to be. Okay. Enough of that.

What do I believe? What strikes my very core and resounds through my being? Well, first and foremost, I believe in God. I don’t believe in religion. I believe in the desire to fellowship together, without the need to make an organization. I believe that the fundamentals of the Bible are the moral foundation for life, understanding that my interpretation is flawed insomuch as I’m human and prone to personal bias. Despite the struggle to always make sure I’m treating my fellow man as I would like to be treated, I fail sometimes. I work hard to keep myself accountable for my actions, without feeling that others are entitled to help me do so. I am responsible for me. These things I teach my children, knowing full well that they will make up their own minds whether I like it or not. I encourage them to do so, though I may feel that they are “making a mistake.” Life is learning and no one is a better teacher than the decisions you make on your own.

I believe in being true to yourself and to your beliefs. I don’t believe in compromising your core. You may have to agree to disagree, but that is how we shape our perceptions and mature into rational mindsets. I believe the world is deeper than religion wants us to believe. The church wants us to listen to a man’s interpretation of God’s word, but the believers talk to him daily and ask their own questions. I love the way I was brought up, and firmly believe that it gave me a solid foundation. The good thing about understanding what a foundation is, is learning that you must build on it. Ultimately, you will face the consequences of what you build in this life. And, yes, I believe in Heaven and Hell as eternal, final destinations.

I believe in never taking myself so seriously that I can’t laugh at myself. Even when I’m angry beyond words, I’m learning to laugh at myself. Even when I am wrong, and my pride doesn’t want to back down, I’m learning to say, “I’m sorry.” And when I find that person that understands me, and puts up with me, I’m ready to return to saying, “I love you” in a manner that is more than just friendship. I’m not ashamed to tell my friends, in front of others, male and female alike, that I love them. For I do love my friends. I appreciate my acquaintances, and I tolerate everyone else. I may let my guard down, or let my emotions get the best of me, but I’m true to myself. When I say “myself”, I don’t mean it in a selfish “me” manner, I mean who I am and what I believe. It brings some folks closer to me, and pushes others away a bit. That’s life. I appreciate your views.

I believe in a better world. I believe we can make it better. I don’t know all of the answers, for I’m looking for them, like you may be. But if we separate ourselves from others, allowing differences and past pain to create walls, we’ll forever wander around. There will be rabbit trails instead of campaign trails.

I believe that when you love, you live more. I don’t believe that man is supposed journey through life alone. Find that fire, though it may fizzle and sputter. Keep a coal for when you need it. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s how you learn about yourself and others around you. Stretch to reach that next higher handhold and be prepared to dyno to it, if need be. Staying where you are does nothing for you. Trust within reason.

Confidence in action. Belief in practice. Learning in constant flux. That is what I believe.

~ by kyodan75 on August 29, 2012.

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