This one is for a friend in need of healing.

A friend in need of true love. In need of understanding that though others may be incredibly cruel and despotic, there is hope. There is love. And above all, there is life still. Bars that hold you inside can be broken. Doubts that keep you fearful can be blazed away in a fire of fearlessness. That when it seems that all has been lost, there is a light, and a sliver of hope. You have to be willing to go through the dark between you and that glimmering in the distance. But, if you persist and don’t lose your way, you’ll get there. And you will be stronger, more confident. Less afraid of the dark that cannot hold you back. It will take support, which you must reach out for. A tree branch for the adventurer trapped in quicksand is lost if he doesn’t reach for the branch. The support will be there. Friends and family alike. And among them, the most constant friend and family of all. God.

I cannot begin to comprehend all that my friend has been through; I’ve only tasted a little hurt in comparison. But I know this: amidst the turmoil and the heartbreak, the desolation and hurt, that friend is beautiful and strong, with a perseverence that would stagger a Navy SEAL. The fervor of a fighter. A fighter who knows that to give an inch is to lose a mile. So my friend doesn’t give. Sways a little, sure, but steadfast and resolute as they come. So, I take strength in my friend’s example. I know, once again, that after the storm settles and the wind dies down, my friend, a phoenix, will rise from the ashes anew, stronger and more fiery. Tempered by vulnerability, armored, and windblown. Perhaps frail a little because, after all, we are all just made of flesh, that is the beauty and the wonder of my friend.

Thanks for your friendship! I am praying for you!



~ by kyodan75 on December 30, 2011.

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