I’m back and working hard to make this a regular thing now…

Okay, so I’m back, and I’ve obtained rights to this site as kyodan75.com.  As such, I can now upload videos and pictures and whatever else I want, as long as I have space.  This is going to be my journal of my life, in tidbits.  It’s going to be observations of the life and goings-on around me and my petty take on them.  It’s going to share humor from friends, family, life, and love.  It’s going to be rants about things I probably know less about than a middle schooler.  It will be about anything, everything, and nothing.  It’s going to just BE.  I’m not a professional blogger, nor do I hope to ever be one.  I just want to share with my friends and those bored enough to be trolling for garbage to pass their boring moments.  I’m a sociable person who loves to stick around the home and tinker with my car, computers, network structures, and therefore, be antisocial. Okay, enough about me.

I am open to suggestions for posts on this site, but if you have an argument for me, and don’t mind it posted, I’ll quote you and then rebut the statement.  Comments are always welcome and I look forward to what you, my friends have to say.

Alright, let’s get this party started!


~ by kyodan75 on October 22, 2011.

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