Warrant option warrants new look…

Well, essentially I’ve been told that the Army is not taking E4-E6 back on active duty due to overstrength numbers.  I don’t really buy into it, because I know of at least two military occupational specialties (MOS) that are critically understrength in that range.  As an E6 (Staff Sergeant – SSG), I appear to be out of luck.  However, a contact in the EOD community has said that the EOD recruiter (a buddy of his) is willing to work with the Army recruiter to get me back out into the field.  However, I have agonized over whether I should continue my packet for warrant or return to EOD?  I’ve decided to apply for warrant officer and to become an Army helicopter pilot.  Here are the reasons, pro and con, for both:

1. A warrant officer is a big step up in rank from where I am at as a non-commissioned officer, which means a better retirement paycheck at the end of the career.  I plan on going a full thirty years in active service, with two in the Reserves for a total time of at least 32 years.  I love my job as a soldier, but I need a field that is challenging of itself in order to keep my interest.  Obviously, EOD is technically challenging and, being a former EOD soldier, I’d love to return to it.  Since I cannot, then aviation is the only other technically challenging MOS the Army has to offer, for me.  If I don’t get selected, then I know that it wasn’t meant to be, but I have to admit, during this whole process of applying for warrant, it has felt so RIGHT.  I am confident that I am where I am supposed to be and that things will work out to allow me to fly for the Army.

2. The pay increase.  The military doesn’t necessarily pay well enough to keep a lot of soldiers in but where that number caps, there is a higher number of people that remain in the service.  But, how many really think about if they retire, where are they going to be financially.  If you don’t attempt for yourself to advance you and your career, that’s your damn fault and it sucks to be you when retirement time comes around.  I was in that category for a long time, but I’ve seen the light and I am a different person in regards to what I want out of my career.

3. The type of job is very cool!  Yes, my friends, aviation is one of the coolest jobs that the Army offers for qualified soldiers.  I’ve always wanted to fly but have had terrible eyesight (nearsighted as a mole, astigmatic in the right eye, like a chameleon).  That is no longer a factor, now that I am scheduled for LASIK, finally able to afford it.  I can’ t wait to see clearly without the contacts or glasses.

4.  Retirement plans are already underway, in regards to what I want to do…what Theresa and I both want to do when we retire.  Theresa is a PA and wants to, after a twenty year career, have a clinic in a rural area to provide healthcare to those that normally go  without because of the rural settings in which they live.  I want to work with her, but doing LifeFlight missions or similar.  I want to have her be the medical professional on the aircraft.  A husband and wife team.  It always makes me smile in anticipation of that moment arriving

5. Last, if I am going to do something for the next twenty years in the Army, I want it to be fun and challenging and engaging.  Being a helo pilot is just that.  Sure, at some point I will be filling out more paperwork and flying a desk as opposed to filling out flight plans and flying the birds, but that doesn’t sway me in the least bit.  I can deal with that.

Well, that was a quick rundown on my plans.  I ask that you pray with me that the process of applying will go smoothly and that I will be able to get all of the paperwork I need done to get selected and sent to flight school.

More importantly, that this long path I am heading out on does not wreak havoc on my marriage to the most beautiful and intelligent woman on God’s green earth.  Thank you and stay tuned for updates….

~ by kyodan75 on August 13, 2010.

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