The Art of Being Ignorant (and Negligent)

In the last three days, the unit I am supporting has had two negligent discharges.  No, I don’t mean premature ejaculations, althouth in an armor company with attached infantry platoons, one is highly aware that some strange things go on behind closed doors.  A bunch of dudes in the middle of nowhere with zero females for a year…hmmm…you do the math.  Anyway, I digress…

A negligent discharge is when a weapon is fired by accident (usually).  According to the military definition, it is: A negligent discharge(ND) is an accidental discharge of a firearm involving culpable carelessness.  The first incident was with a soldier performing a functions check on his M4 after cleaning it.  He inserted a loaded magazine INTO THE WEAPON AND CONDUCTED A FUNCTIONS CHECK!  I’m not going into the details, but DAY ONE of Basic Training, you learn that you never put a magazine into a weapon prior to performing a functions check.  It’s common sense and basic soldiering.

Two days later…I am shaving and I hear “bup, bup, bup, bup”.  Muffled a bit, but definitely gunfire.  More importantly, machine gun fire.  So, naturally, I poke my head out and look.  Someone says that it was a fire suppression system firing.  I’ve never heard that, so I don’t know what it sounds like.  I DO know what machine gun fire sounds like, and it sure as hell sounded like THAT.  It was muffled, so I figure it was a bit in the distance.  NOPE.  It was inside the MRAP.  INSIDE.  How?  I don’t know the details, but I can figure out the basics.  Somebody loaded the weapon at some point and charged the bolt to the rear.  And then either stored it that way, or was getting ready to then put it up on the mount in the turret.  Either way, the soldier is WRONG.  Too many things can go wrong, like accidentally sticking your finger in the trigger well when handing the weapon up to be mounted, or a bump (done hard enough) can dislodge the lock pin on the bolt held to the rear against spring compression, and…WHAM, BAM!…the weapon fires.  I’ve put my finger in the trigger well when handing the weapon up, myself, but it WASN’T LOADED!

Anyway, all of that to say that all missions for the next couple of days are cancelled so we can learn how not to accidentally fire our weapons when we are not supposed to!  Oh, by the way, nobody was injured, but the MRAP was shot up inside.  The first incident created some fragment spray from the cement floor that caught a sergeant in the face and scratched him.  Oh, yeah, there was a freakin’ NCO in the room with the soldier (a private) in the first incident.  He should lose a stripe for not paying attention to what the private was doing.

Okay, enough out of me for now.  I’m enjoying life at my little outpost (and I do mean little…I could throw a football from one end to the other, and I can’t throw that far).  Life is good and the team is happy…without our stupid Navy team leader being here.  I hope he stays the hell on the FOB he’s on currently, recovering from an upper respiratory infection he no doubtedly caught from his boyfriend on leave. Yes, he’s in the Navy and he’s from Texas…and he does not have horns on his head, so you do the math.

Have a happy day!

~ by kyodan75 on February 3, 2010.

One Response to “The Art of Being Ignorant (and Negligent)”

  1. Dan- your blog is perfect dude. I am very impressed and i love your scathing anlaysis of all things retarded here in the army and with some of the douchers we deal with on a daily basis. I will be looking forward to more posts about Flipjack and Dr. Von Beeverpelt

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