Listening to Lew, and pondering the future…

I’m sitting in the office with nothing to do.  So, Lewis Black is ranting on the media player, and I’m wondering what my team and I will be doing for the rest of the deployment.  The unit we are supporting has shifted focus, leaving us without a valid task and purpose, so we may very well be moving to work in a different area.  I hope so, because I hate sitting around.

With the lights being turned out here in Iraq, I knew we would be scratching for work throughout the deployment, but I was hoping that we would be able to find more than we have.  We also fell into a system that had decided to create project officers out the maneuver units’ platoon leaders, which takes a lot of our work away from us.  Is it a valid method?  No, it’s not.  Why does the Army bother to train all of the civil affairs personnel only to have battalion commanders decide that they don’t need civil affairs teams because they can have their platoon leaders in the companies do the same work?  Nothing against the PLs, but they have more appropriate responsibilities to focus on, like running infantry platoons.  Not managing projects.  That’s what my team and I are trained to do.  We are the subject matter experts on anything civil affairs-related.  And yet, here we sit, making the most out of having no work save the daily report that has to be submitted at the end of the day.

My soldiers are sitting quietly, working on correspondence courses for career progression.  Our interpreter whiles away the time by improving his understanding of the English language and the myriad of slang we use that sometimes has him look very confused.  We’ve offended him, I’m sure of it, a few times when we’ve said things the “American” way.  Hopefully, this lull will be short-lived and we’ll be moving to a busier area.

It’s going to be interesting, regardless.  Whether that means finding ways to maintain our sanity, or working our tails off again, I’ll be sure to keep all of you up to speed.

~ by kyodan75 on January 6, 2010.

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