Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

This year seems to have blown through town with barely a pause, but it definitely has made a mark!  This year, I’ve spent pretty much all but a couple of weeks away conducting training and then deployed to Iraq with my temporary unit, Theresa has finished her first year and begun her second of the Physician Assistant program at Duke University, Michaela had to get glasses for her astigmatism (fortunately, she has taken it all in stride), Jack has bloomed as an artist extraordinaire (his artwork decorates my walls), Brandon has become a high schooler and has shown evident maturing (Yay!), the in-laws have done considerable traveling back and forth to help out with the kids while Theresa works clinical rotations of odd hours, and much more!  Whew!  I know that my grammar teacher would kill me for such a long sentence, but I’m making a point!

I have a niece and her family serving as missionaries to Cambodia and have had another beautiful baby (a boy)!  We welcomed Titus Fraser Seawright on the 16th of December, but with the time difference between here and there (here being Iraq), I may be wrong and he may have been born on the evening of the fifteenth.  Either way, yay!

Family and friends have been wonderful in their periodic emails from home, just saying hello or catching up on the latest happenings on their home fronts.  I have been truly blessed to have the friends I have, and I hope that they all know how much they mean to me!

My beautiful family, my lovely wife mainly, bought me a few things for Christmas, such as another mp3 player, which I needed.  I listen to a lot of music and this helps out when I am out on missions where I can’t necessarily take my netbook with me.  I also have a way of making hot coffee/tea in my room now, thanks to my wonderful wife who knows how important that ritual is to me!

Yes, I may be spending yet another Christmas away from home, but it is another one that has shown me how close to home my friends and family make me feel.  I won’t be home for another four and a half months, and then that is only for a couple of weeks of leave, but I’m looking forward to it!  Besides, a month and a half after that, I’ll be home for good!  This deployment will end and I’ll be reunited with all of you all (at least I’ll be stateside and much closer, definitely within cell phone reach LOL!).

THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU, FOR YOUR PLACE AND IMPACT ON MY LIFE!  I miss you all, I love you all more, and I can’t wait to be back home again soon!  Have a merry, merry Christmas and I will post again after the holidays!

~ by kyodan75 on December 21, 2009.

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